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Statement from the President of the Australian Commando Association NSW


Re: Calling for Royal Commission into Veteran Suicides


Our committee, our special forces members and our associate members, one and all, are very deeply affected by the news and stories of every serving member and veteran suicide and our thoughts prayers and heartfelt feelings are with those who has lost someone.

Lest we forget.


I speak today for our committee and member base who unreservedly and sincerely support the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, partners, relatives, colleagues, mates and friends of any serving member or veteran no longer with us.

We especially support any endeavour and the call for a full and most importantly independent investigation, including the findings and recommendations that may help our brothers and sisters who struggle and lose the fight with suicide and also in providing support and closure for the family and friends in the wake of the tragedy.

Through my profession as a registered intensive care paramedic I respond to and manage mental health, post-traumatic stress, suicide attempts, and provide support to family and friends on the scene who are affected by these events.

Throughout the last 10 years I have crossed paths with some of our affected serving members and veterans, people we would usually never see in my work. I and my paramedic colleagues are the very front line and see and manage more mental health, post-traumatic stress, suicide attempts, than any average person or politician by far.

Serving members and Veterans requiring emergency paramedic intervention is real. My heart is absolutely broken when I cross paths with a young serving member or veteran and their family who are suffering or have lost someone.

The Commando Association of NSW support lies with people including the courageous Julie-Ann Finney and her call for a Royal Commission. Her son Dave Finney RIP has our greatest respect and Australian Commandos have a long history of working very closely with our Navy colleagues and many first Commandos in Australia were from the Navy. Rest in peace Dave.

An independent Royal Commission or other investigation is necessary for the people and this emotive heart centred problem. Julie-Ann and her followers cannot call for a National Commission which at this time doesn’t even exist and even the Prime Minister has been experiencing delays in support and assembling. It may be a better way as stated by some but it doesn’t exist at this time. Will it be independent or a Government agency? I trust that some form of investigation is conducted very soon and any findings or recommendations adopted immediately as we cannot lose more of our serving members or veterans to mental health and suicide.

Our heart and support to those travelling a dark path, grieving, or working through sad times. Please connect with your mates and most importantly professional help agencies. You may also contact our association for referral to a specialised support group.


Wayne Havenaar


Australian Commando Association NSW


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Solemn Procession from ANZAC Memorial to Commando Memorial on Remembrance Day 2020.



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