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Association Headquarters

A place to call home

Throughout the years the Australian Commando Association NSW has been using many different places to meet and celebrate and we have relied on the generosity of the Regiments and RSLs to help out. It is now becoming problematic with security upgrades and being difficult in clubs finding a place fit for purpose.


We have grown and we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the way we provide services and operate. By having our own place the association can have the potential to run events, celebrations, have place of respite, have BBQs, run a Mess, have a Men's Shed style workshop, memorial, run training, we can store and display memorabilia, and also secure documents and records professionally instead in committee members homes.

This is a large, however I believe very necessary, project with much to do and may take a few years, but it will happen, Get involved in any way you can, watch the progress and let's make it happen.


Contact: The Association's President, Wayne Havenaar, for more details or to offer assistance.