The Bullet Glass Co


Sponsor of 2020 Double Dagger Ride and Rock - NSW 

Deep in the Margaret River region of Western Australia, master craftsman Nick Reed works alone, hand-crafting an extraordinary range of custom-designed glassware.

His designs for whisky tumblers, champagne flutes and beer glasses artfully embedded with bullets, military memorabilia, sporting items and engravings are shipped from his little workshop in the bush to buyers all over the world.

Every glass is individually heated in a kiln, then, while still at near-melting point, Nick carefully embeds his chosen object into the side of the glass.
Each order is cushioned and shipped in its own beautifully-designed packaging, including insurance.

Nick has a range of bullet glasses, sporting glasses and champagne flutes (embedded with pearls and diamonds!) in stock, or glasses can be ordered with custom-designs.


Boyle's Fitness Equipment

Pure Professionalism


Sponsor of 2020 Double Dagger Ride and Rock - NSW

Boyles Fitness Equipment is one of the leading fitness wholesalers in the market; they have the most experienced team in the industry. Most of the staff have at least 10 years in the fitness industry and some over 20 years. They stock all the top fitness equipment and exercise equipment in Australia. Stocking only the best global brands such as Nike, UFC, York Fitness, Sole and Spirit. Their delivery and shipping times are exceptional. They sell treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines, ellipticals, home gyms and Nike and UFC fitness accessories. Shop now!

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