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Ordinary Member

Former and current serving members of Special Operations Units and Commando Regiments

As a full member you can attend the AGM, get a welcome pack, purchase items from the shop at a discount.
Full membership is reserved for those who have served in Commando Regiments whether or not they received a Green Beret qualification.

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Associate Member

You are our family too.

Any person who has demonstrated an interest in the association and its objectives may be nominated for Associate Membership 
In granting Associate Membership, there is an expectation that such persons will be active in the association.
Other provisions of this level of membership are;
Associate Membership shall carry all the rights and privileges and obligations of an Ordinary Member save and except for;
Associate Members shall not be able to hold office, save and except to an appointment by invitation, as approved by a majority vote by the committee.
Associate Members shall NOT be entitled to vote.
Widows and Partners of deceased serving commandos may join as, “Associate Widows and Partners” membership of the Association. Annual Subscriptions payable by this category of Associate Membership will be one half of that of Ordinary Members. Associate Widows and Partner Members shall not be entitled to vote.

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Life Member

Beyond the call.

Life membership of the Association may be bestowed on a member recommended by The Committee who has performed services of distinction to or on behalf of the Association by way of special resolution at a meeting of The Association held in accordance with the constitution rules.

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Honorary Member

Thanking wonderful people.

Honorary Membership of The Association may be bestowed on any person who has performed services of special value to The Association and afforded the membership at a meeting held in accordance with the constitution. 
Honorary Members shall not be obliged to pay a joining fee or annual subscriptions, Honorary Members are to be subject to the Rules of the Association in like manner as any other member of the Association.
Honorary Members are not entitled to vote at any meeting of the Association nor hold any office in the Association.

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