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This Edition: Contents

  1. From The Editor - Ray Galea
  2. Vale John F Kinsella OAM - Ray Galea
  3. Buliding a training routine and goal setting - Jeff McLean
  4. Attitude is the Key - Sean McBride
  5. Solemn Procession Remembrance Day 2020 - Alexander Weilsmann
  6. Commando Memorial Sydney Upgrade - Wayne Havenaar
  7. Double Dagger Charity Motorcycle Ride - Mark Reilly
  8. Timor Leste Awakeneing, 7th Program - Rod Hilliker
  9. Weapons Review - Luger - Ray Galea
  10. French Special Forces target Al_Quaida linked commander - Ray Galea
  11. 23 Questions with Martin Blandy
  12. Brunch Report - Bruce Parr

Australian Special Forces Magazine

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